Jetwave Marine Services

Mooring design, construction, installation, certification, maintenance and rental state-wide.

Ropes & Mooring Solutions

JWMS offer mooring design, construction, installation, certification and maintenance state-wide, with additional rental options also available at our strategically located Jetwave mooring hubs.

We have a turn-key approach to clientele requirements, resulting in state of the art products and cost efficient mooring solutions.

Our commercial diving division caters for all annual mooring inspections, plus repair and maintenance programs for both cyclone rated and day moorings up to 300 tonnes.

Ropes & Mooring Services

  • Mooring design, engineering and installation
  • Mooring certification
  • Mooring repairs and maintenance
  • Mooring rentals and sales
  • Specialised products and product support
  • Commercial rope supply
  • Custom towage rope designs
  • Custom mooring hawsers
  • Specialised products and product support