Jetwave Marine Services

August News

06 August 2018

Another financial year has come to pass and the JWMS team have achieved some fantastic milestones. Our goal at the commencement of FY17/18 was to establish our Lines Boat business in Port Hedland and leverage from that platform into the local market. 

Our constant operational presence in Port Hedland has provided new and existing clients with access to JWMS vessel and diving support, which has supplemented a strong growth in sales. In fact, JWMS experienced a 43% return on equity this year.

Off the back of this growth we welcome our new Multicat, Jetwave Shine to the fleet. Shine will be based in the Pilbara and this addition rounds out our capability as a marine service provider and further compliments our offering to our clients.

In addition to a strong financial performance, we have introduced a number of new initiatives throughout the financial year. Namely, the launch of a JWMS mobile-based HR and Payroll app, the introduction of mental health representatives throughout the workforce and the initiation of our journey toward becoming a carbon neutral company.

Thank you for all your support and we look forward to working with you in FY 18/19!

#oceandriven Jay Boothman Chief Operating Officer