Jetwave Marine Services


03 July 2017

Our diving division is an essential component to JWMS & continues to demonstrate cost-effective and safe operations across Australia.

August 2016 saw the Jetwave Diving Division formally engaged and deployed to attend a large scale project - The 77m Westsea Tripet owned by Singapore's Westsea Offshore ran aground at Entrance Point in the port of Broome while approaching the Broome Wharf.

Upon arrival to the vessel, the JWMS dive team conducted a thorough subsea investigation of the vessel and found the hull to be in sound condition. However, the port cort nozzle had sustained impact damage along with localised minor paint coating damage. 

Our experienced dive team acted swiftly and safely to repair the damage by removing a cort nozzle tie rod and installing static rigging between the cort nozzle and azimuth. The operation was successfully completed in one and a half days with temporary repairs signed off by the Client, Class Society and AMSA. The vessel was cleared later that day for transit to Asia for slipping and repair.

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