Jetwave Marine Services


05 September 2017

Jetwave Marine Services are a proud supporter of the Onslow Marine Support Base, set to begin servicing the oil and gas industry from late September.

OMSB is currently undertaking the final stages of construction of the wharf in readiness for Agility Logistics to commence operations.

The OMSB will feature a 204m main hard backed wharf, large laydown facilities, dual landing craft transport ramps, fuel supply, and will also include a heavy lift pad capable of accommodating a 700-tonne crane, and much more.

Agility Logistics will operate the Marine Support Base facility and aim to establish Onslow as a service hub for the onshore and offshore business activities within its strategic catchment area.

OMSB will bring a significant operational benefit provided by the location, an opportunity to grow local businesses, the potential creation of 100 to 150 new permanent jobs and add between 250 – 375 Onslow residents, plus many more locational benefits.

Jetwave will be offering a full range of port vessel and subsea services out of Onslow. For enquiries please contact Nik Smith –